Here’s a bunch of online resources and products we’ve used and found helpful for learning about startups, entrepreneurship, creative skills, non-medical fields, and career development. hosts free courses on Python, machine learning, entrepreneurship, business management, foreign languages, art history and tons of other areas, from schools such as Harvard, MIT and others around the world. You can pay a small fee to upgrade (literally about $50USD for some of these courses!) to get marks on assignments you submit, interact with more involved learning scenarios, and get certification in your area of interest, which can prove useful when applying for a new job in certain areas eg. UX and web development. was founded by Chase Jarvis, a former pre-med student turned self-taught professional photographer who formed CreativeLive as the world’s premier online education suite for upskilling in creativity, professionalism and business skills at home. Courses are bite-sized, info-packed lessons ranging from blogging to podcasting to book publishing to setting up an online crafts business to fashion photography. One of our favourite sites for online classes.* offers a range of creative classes taught by the experts. Want to learn television writing as taught by Shonda Rhimes, writer for Grey’s Anatomy? Or fashion design by Marc Jacobs? They’ve just released Cooking by Gordon Ramsay. Individual and All-Access Passes are available.

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